Nafisat Sarafa

Name: Nafisat Sarafa

Age: 15 years

Gender: Female

Nafisat Sarafa is a very wonderful and creative young girl. She has an amazing personality and brings a smile to anyone’s face. She is infectious with singing and dancing, Nafisat is intelligent, she stays in a remote village in Tudu – Wada in the FCT, she is from a poor family, she dropped out of school as a result of the death of her father and her mother is financially incapable of sending her to school. The father left her and her mother with no properties. Each and every day, her mother grind corn, do laborer and help people to clean their houses before she can manage to put food on the table. The mother does not have enough to support or sponsor her through school. As Nafisat Sponsor you help provide nutritious food, healthcare, and opportunities to experience love. Because you care, she will be able to go to school one day and learn skills for a brighter future.