Prosper Abubakar

Prosper was ten years old and was in primary 5 when his father died. He dropped out of school because his mother who has been battling with cancer...

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Patient Bitrus´╗┐

My name is Patient Bitrus, Hannatu younger sister, we both call Chimpe home due to our bitter experience growing up. My mother takes care of me as my father lost his...

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Ubwa Queen´╗┐

I live in Karamajiji in a cement block dwelling with my mother and my younger brother Saviour. My mother struggles to take care of me and Saviour as is dead father is dead.

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Barr. Habib Tahir

Growing up without the assistance of parents almost affected my education, Elizabeth Foundation was a shoulder I leaned on, the education scholarship provided me with both financial and material support

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Mrs Aledare Elizabeth

I lost my husband on the 14th of December 2007, leaving me with four children to take care of. Since the demise of my husband, life has been so unbearable for

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Mrs Mariam Ohioma Yusuf

My husband passed away in 2006 after brief illness, since then I and my children have been feeding from hand to mouth. Through the intervention of Elizabeth Foundation

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Mrs Mkpak U. Rose

Provision of free land space and seedlings has helped improve my productivity, Elizabeth Cooperative farming has made life easy for me and my children

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IDP-IE is a project of Elizabeth Foundation, we adopted one of the IDP camps in the FCT where informal education, education incentive (stationaries, food, salary for teachers and volunteer staff) and skill acquisition training were provided for children in the IDP camp, from inception of this project in 2017, crimes and criminalities, illiteracy and idleness …

June 21, 2022


Between 2020 – 2022, more than twenty children have gone permanently blind in Ruga Village, Ruga is one of the villages in the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria with population of about 5,000 people, we conducted a research and we traced this incident to poor source of water supply, open defecation and poor sanitation and …

June 21, 2022

Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC)

Orphans and vulnerable children anywhere in the world are among the most at risk groups. They are often at the mercy of harsh weather

April 5, 2019